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Is propranolol good for anxiety?

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Inactive 31 Oct 2012

Hello newmommy2107. Yes. Its often prescribed off lable in the treatment for GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) Regards pledge

Inactive 31 Oct 2012

"lable" shoud read label

Inactive 31 Oct 2012

Yes newmommy. In addition to my clonazepam, I take propranolol for my anxiety symptoms. It works well for me and I have been on it for more than 10 years. New moms go through a lot, I remember freaking out when I had my kids ... it helped. Hope it does as well for you.

Sweetest Hippie

Inactive 31 Oct 2012

Hey Laura, good to see you posting again... Mary

Inactive 31 Oct 2012

Just wanted to mention that propranolol is a beta blocker used for irregualr heartbeat, but is also used quite successfuly for anxiety as it regulates the heatbeat, & slows it down which usually rises when you are anxious...

angel1662 31 Oct 2012

hello newmommy2107,
I was on this medication before, it is a beta blocker used for the treatment of hypertention, angina, temors, heart conditions, anxiety, and panic as well as other things so the answer to your ? is YES... free discount card

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