I have a question about the time frame and dosage I should take of propranolol for a work meeting I have. The meeting in from 830-530 and I don't know exactly when it will be my turn and I will be talking for about a 30-45 minutes about my employees to other managers. I am new to management so these kind of meetings are new to me and like many other people on the form have a crippling fear of public speaking. I was prescribed by my doctor 40mg tablets of propranolol that I have not yet had a chance to test out. I am really hoping this will work and am just looking for advise on how much I should take. I am a 29 year old male. I was just going to take one pill in the morning but wasn't sure if I should take one more with me just in case I don't go on until later in the day. From what I can tell this drug has helped out many people with there fear of public speaking and I am hopefully to have the same results.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.