I really wonder if someone can help me. Here is the detail what happened?
I went London with my friend, as soon as I get into underground station, I felt totally weird- scary feeling, bad thoughts, felt liking choking so I came out and had a sip of water. Then again attempted and hardly completed my journey.
I attended my appointment and return journey was even worse, unluckily tube stopped for couple of minutes in tunnel and I felt we are trapped and I was very scared and near to collapse but completed my journey. When I came back home, felt very tired and scared.
Since that it is getting worse, lot of bad thoughts and feeling, scared from every thing, even from bad fogy weather, feeling like crying.
My wife called ambulance last night they check almost everything and concluded I had a panic/anxiety attack.
Today I have seen my GP and she prescribed me Propranolol 40mg. I have never tried before?
can you please tell me whether it will help me and what are side affects?
I would really appreciate any help.