Whenever I was given the task to give a speech, it turned into a nightmare. I would not sleep properly knowing that I had to present. I read online for any medication that could give me confidence and i came across this site and read about propranolol.
I was so excited that the next day I went to the doctor and discussed my problem and if he could prescribe me this Tablet. I bought this because I have to give a farewell speech in front of 30 people. On the day of my speech I took 40mg one hour before and another 20mg about half an hour before my farewell speech. I thought it might not work but it did wonders. For the first time I spoke without my heart racing, no choking, no shaky voice and esp no twitching of my face. I previously dreaded giving speeches and today I felt soo good and confident and also cracked jokes. I hated taking alcohol before presentations(before I found out about propanolol) and now I will take propanolol. It is a life saver and it works!! I wish I knew about propanolol when I was in uni.
I took 60mg but I think 40mg would have been enough if taken one hour before presentations.