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Does Proponolol 20mg assist with anxiety, nervousoness, & panic dissorders?

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masso 7 Mar 2014

Propranolol is used in the treatment of anxiety; migraine prevention; performance anxiety; benign essential tremor; high blood pressure (and more), and belongs to the drug classes group II antiarrhythmics, non-cardioselective beta blockers.

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cronic51 9 Mar 2014

I just started taking propranolol for blood pressure. As for anxiety I am not sure, but I know it helps my blood pressure problem.

jhays212 19 Feb 2015

they prescribe it in doses of up to 400 mg for blood pressure patients and myself take only twenty mg doses three times daily for stage fright

Mcroberts 7 Mar 2014

Yes but 20mgs is a very low dosage I take 3 x80mgs a day.

fondapeters 16 Mar 2014

I have Adult ADHD, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks. I wonder if Proponolol would lessen the side effects vs: Lorazapam 1mg X 3 daily ?

jhays212 20 Feb 2015

20 is very low, "the bottom floor" of you will of entry points into the drugs affect on the patient. But with blood pressures (anxiety levels attributing) ranging from (on a more basic scale) 1-10 an 8 or a 9 would be taking around 400 mg for the bloodpressure. Meanwhile, someone who has ptsd or depression compounded by anxiety that interferes with social day-to-day interactions, lower doses are usually the recommended amount of around 20 mg or 40 mg (depending on the case as usual)

SpineLady 7 Mar 2014

From what I just read about it on WebMD it's used primarily for heart irregularities, or after a heart attack, but I couldn't see where it mentioned anything about anxiety, but many drugs have many uses and I'm sure your doctor knows what he's doing. About the mg. you're taking I would think it would help, but I really don't know. Sorry

cronic51 9 Mar 2014

I have had a couple of mild heart attacks and strokes so I can see why my doctor has me on propranolol. free discount card

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