Since June of 24, 2013 my then 22 year old daughter who has a history of asthma,PTSD,ADHD,DEPRESSION and possible BIPOLAR was put in a medicine induced comma and ventilated after an asthma attack on the 21, same month she was given propofol then and all of her tracheal surgerys and g-tube surgerys the last 3 times I was asked to come to recovery and try to help her wake up to some one she's used to, for almost 3 hours a nurse and I had to hold her hands so she wouldn't pull peg tube and trach tube out the nurses said she was having violent movements like seizure type thrashing and kicking, can that be because her subconscious mind while under the propofol wearing off intensifies the flash backs or could it be from having BIPOLAR? After the psych Dr. evaluates her they give her 5 to 10 mg of Haldol and with in 25 to 30 mins she starts to open her eyes and is very calm and cooperative but remembers nothing, could that be from too many times being put under and an allergic reaction developed? they professionals say they really have never seen anything like this I have asked the anesthegologist, the surgeon and the PCP and her Psych Dr. about this and no one seems to know. My daughter had a surgery 9/26/2014 and is due for another next month any in put would be greatly appreciated.