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Is propofol and expensive drug? How much should it cost for a one hour surgery?

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kaismama 26 Mar 2014

Since its only used for anesthesia, drug stores don't dispense it or give the price. Anesthesia is very expensive. I can't imagine that propofol is any different.

Paul Boyer 26 Mar 2014

Is there no way to find out the cost? Can't imagine there isn't someway to at least get an accurate estimate.

biglady 11 Aug 2014

Sevoflurane costs $1 per cc. approximately. Propofol can cost about $00.25 per cc.
For one operation, it would be about $15-$25, for a quick guestimate for actual Sevo and propofol (cost for a half hour to one hour case). Just for the drug only. Then you have anesthesia circuit masks, oxygen, IVs, IV tubing. IV fluid. Narcotic for post op pain.

Inactive 27 Mar 2014

Toughest question I've had in days! Propofol (and the other popular Dipravan - same thing), is probably the least of your cost problems. I asked a friend of mine (anesthesiologist) and he says it's runs 1-2 dollars per cc. So the amount required will determine the cost, but as it is used in conjunction with several other drugs (especially during general anesthesia) I wouldn't single out Propofol. Hope this shines a little light on the situation. free discount card

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