My father (74yrs) was detcted positive for prostate cancer a month back. At this time he was lost his vision 100%. (having only one eye since his child hood). findings from the MRI & PAT- CT shows that some bone is also increasing in the bone causing to press the eye nerves.
Dr. started tab. Androblock once a day, Predinosolone 30mg a day (10*3). on tappring basis that has come to 10mg at present on alternet day.
Inj. Zoldric was also given at that time.
On 20th of August 2009 Inj. Lupride 22.5mg was given.

IMP: After starting the treatment he was gradually regained his lost vision by almost 60%, but since last 3 days again the vision is decreasing.

My humble request is that you guide me properly what to do? shall I again increase the dose of Prednisolone?

Any other better medicine apart from this in this case?