I am a 56 y.o. male. I don't have any anxiety disorders.
I want to take a motorcycle training course. I think the initial training might give me some 'Performance Anxiety' problems. I am far more concerned about the somatic symptoms than any acute anxiety. I asked my provider, an M.A., about the drug Propanolol as I have known for a long time that Doctors have routinely dispensed it for decades for even seasoned veterans of stage work. The M.A. gave me Metorolol ER 50mg/1X/Day,15 pills. I don't think it's the best med for me. I researched Propanolol a little, & it seems to be the better choice.
I am in reasonable health with no heart or circulatory issues. Systolic=120-Dystolic= 75-80. I do have COPD, & use Advair Diskus 250/50.
Prescribed Medications: 10APR10
Prilosec 20mg/1X/Day (am)
Depakote 0.5 g/2X/Day
Cogentin 0.5mg/2X/Day
Effexor XR 150mg/1X/Day (am)
Fluoxetine 10mg/1X/Day (am)
Temazepam 30-60mg/1X/day (pm-as necessary, sleep-aid)
Advair Diskus 250/50 2X/Day (6am-6pm)

OTC Medications/Supplements

Vitamin E 400 IU 2X/Day (6am-6pm)
Multivitamin & Minerals 1X/Day am
Guaifenesin USP >100mg (varies... some days none... some days alot)
Calcium Citrate+D (Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol 400IU)
(Calcium as Calcium Citrate 630mg) 1X/Day
Omega 3 Fish Oil 3g/1X/Day (am)
Diphlenhydramine HCl 50mg/1/Day (pm-as needed-sleep aid)
Melatonin 3mg(?) 1X/Day (pm-as needed-sleep aid & antioxident)
Loperamide HCl (Immodium) 4mg as needed (1-2X/Month)
Also, I will be using:: Chantix 1mg./2X/Day
Any thoughts,