II started feel dizzy and palpitations about 4 months ago,I was scared that I am having a heart attack. I went to the emergency and the did an EKG but everything fine nothing showing,they repeat it 3 times but nothing,I was wearing the heart monitor for 24 hours,still nothing.the palpitations are there and dizziness,i had to come home from work few times.I went to GP,she told me is nothing wrong physically with me,my heart is fine,pulse and blood pressure,all analysis been fine must be stress related, she prescribed propranolol, I have been taking propranolol for 4 days 3x1 tablets and I was feeling excellent; On the 5th day I started feel very dizzy, I couldn't stand up, felt sick,this was the side effect of the medicine I went to doctor she prescribed amitriptyline which make me to sleepy i was sleeping 16 hours and I am still very sleepy and no power. I would like something similar to propranolol but to not reduce my heart beets.
I very scary because all saying I am fine,but i feel dizzy and i have palpitations,i cant go to work like this,i need some tablets similar to propranolol.
Can anybody help?