My Father age/74, Diabetic, on insulin since last 10 years(Presently taking human mixtard 08 pts morning & 10 pts night), had constant severe headache for the past one and half month. Initially root cause could not be traced. In December last year he suffered from Pneumonia with plural infusion in his left lung which was later drained out. Later the sugar level came very down ie; 60 (F) and 100 (PP)for one month or so. Though the sugar level is now back to normal 100 (F) and 160 (PP) But the headache is still continue. As advised my dear friend marvel, I took him to a neurologist who advised for MRI brain (Contrast) under DWI. Following impressions were revealed :-

1. Supratentorial ventricular hydrocephalus.
2. Prominent meningeal enhancement in posterior fossa &[R] skull base.
3. B/L secretory mastoiditis; right mastoiditis is fresh lesion.

Doctor further referred to a reputed hospital. The impessions are not clearly understood by me. I am worried If any surgery will be a cure or he can be treated by some medicines... Please let me know asap.