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Prolia - is it safe.i am afreid of this drug and it s side affects?

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Mike13A5P 2 Sep 2014

There is no "safe" drug out there that does not have the potential of negative side effects including Prolia. Before my endo placed me on this drug I did some extensive research and found Prolia to be one of the better drugs. Forteo is also good but it requires one to give a self administered injection daily which I understand is no big deal. I have been on Prolia for going on two years, no side effects and my bone density has improved. My endo likes the way I am responding to the drug so I will receive my final injection in about six months. Everyone responds to drugs differently but I think you would be wise to consider Prolia as a good choice should you go this way.

yas yasamin 4 Sep 2014

thank you mike for your answer.

yas yasamin 3 Nov 2014

hi friends 22 days ago i had my first shot of denosumab.until now i dont have any side affects and i am so happy beacause of that.

Mike13A5P 3 Nov 2014

Great news! Most patients don't have a problem with Prolia. Don't think that the drug alone will resolve the issue. One must exercise, maintain a good diet to include the required daily amount of calcium and keep a positive attitude.

yas yasamin 5 Nov 2014

thank you so much.before my injection i have studied all about prolia and so i am doing all your advise.i hope it works.

sara12345 22 Sep 2014

Having the Prolia injection just one time 2 years ago was the worst mistake that I ever made medically, especially since the drug had not been out long and not tested that long. I got intense jaw pain and my face felt on fire. Ever since I have had inflamed skin and bone pain which hurts even to sit on soft chairs. Others have ended up in the hospital, which I would have far more wanted than continuing problems. But everyone is different. Good luck.

sara12345 22 Sep 2014

Plus my parathyroid level went sky high, but after 8 months, it finally returned to normal. Thank goodness. free discount card

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