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Prolia - why does this product cause the kinds of serious reactions recorded on this site?

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Mike13A5P 13 Jun 2017

All drugs come with a risk of side effects. You have to weigh out the positives versus the negatives to determine if any drug is right for you. Most people who post are going to do so in a negative manner so be aware of that.

Dooziebird 13 Jun 2017

Thank you, I am well aware of your comments in reference to the drug questions and answers on the site. My gastroenterologist and GP. have also stated that it is not a good idea to do what I did but at the same time, I was interested to see whether or not there was anyone out there who also suffered from coeliac plus now have a problem with osteoporosis, a common condition when one has coeliac disease. Thank you so much for your answer, much appreciated.

Mike13A5P 13 Jun 2017

Glad to help. I myself have been on the drug for 3 years with no problems but I am not experiencing issues that you reference. Good luck with your decision. free discount card

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