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Is prochlorperazine as effective as chlorpromazine for nausea and vomiting?

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chuck1957 31 Oct 2017

simon; Yes prochlorperazine is used for several things but it is used more for Nausea or Vomiting and much more common to be used for nausea. Where Chlorpromazine is used more for mental health And it is very important that when you see any doctor you tell them you are taking one of these due to many interactions by both, either way, they use one or the other for the purpose I have put above mostly however they can be used for much other reason. And they are in the same class of medication.

Stephen Treloar 31 Oct 2017

I don't understand Chuck, they are both anti psychotics. If someone wants an anti emetic they should ask for one. There are many that are specifically for this use and they are safe. Antipsychotics and a healthy brain do not mix.

Stephen Treloar 31 Oct 2017

PS. this member has multiple accounts and only the first question asked for a comparison between an anti emetic (Stemetil) and Largactil (an anti psychotic: chlorpromazine) which cannot be answered.

Stephen Treloar 31 Oct 2017

Except that prochlorperazine has some anti emetic side effects...

chuck1957 31 Oct 2017

Steve this was because those with chronic illness and he only asked about these 2 and in serious illness, they still use more Prochlorperazine in tabs and suppositories as in chemotherapy he did not ask about anything but these two so I gave the most common still in use these days. I still have most of mine from the chemo along with about 4 others need any. LOL have a good day.

Stephen Treloar 31 Oct 2017

Chuck, I'm pleased to see you seem to have recovered from your last round of chemo. It's good to see. You constantly amaze me with your good and polite level headedness.
Take care, Steve.

PS. over the years I have only heard of complaints about chlorpromazine whereas I like its effects on my psychosis. I have noticed no anti emetic properties at all which would be an added bonus as I suffer from duodenal ulcers every couple of years also.

chuck1957 1 Nov 2017

Stephen Trevor, Thank a lot it's much day by day but like you what can we do thanks for keeping an eye on me. Really both those drugs are so close to each other and if it was not for them that are seldom used anymore they tried everything on me. I was taking 4 different nausea pills and for sure the Prochlorperazine sure knocked me out. and to think of some of the huge doses I used to dispense scares me no wonder they don't use them any for I was taken it with 10 mg over the day for nausea the Lorazepam but it did help most the time. Thanks again my good friend I count on you to help me or I would have to throw in the towel. have a great day. Chuck buddies to the end. oh thanks for telling me about how many different profiles this person has when they do stuff like this is done with them Chuck free discount card

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