Hi I have been using Percocet on and off for about two years now. It all started with a horrendous toothache and mouth surgery and continued from there. I take 1 1/2 to 2 10mg of Percocet daily. For the past couple days I have been trying to taper down by more than half and tomorrow I plan on taking nothing. I feel like crap without it but then when I take it all of a sudden I feel better for about an hour maybe two and then even worse like my heart races and I feel dizzy. Now let me just mention I have pretty bad anxiety and I only got this after I started taking the Percocet and was unaware there was a certain amount you could only take daily I ended up taking to much. I did not overdose however I went through a lot of weird feelings with my body and ever since that day I have not been the same meaning I now have anxiety. I am trying to quit this and just be done with it. I know I can do this or at least I think I can but I am a energy fanatic I love energy and I need energy as I have three kids a job a husband and a house that needs tending to. I can not go to a doctor because I do not have insurance and I can not go to a clinic because I can not leave my kids I am doing this all on my own. The worst part about all of this is my heart racing and feeling like I am going to pass out like I just can’t take that. And I want it to stop so then I take a small amount of p like 1/4 and then I just feel worse after a while so I can’t win. Please help I don’t know what to do at this point