Hi all, just thought I would let my friends know the procedure went well this morning, and my doctor kept her promise to put me to sleep, well enough so I didn't know what happened after I got to the procedure room. All a blur, David said to me when he asked me if it hurt once I got into the recovery room. I said I felt every push of the needle and it really hurt. I don't remember any of that conversation or pain thank god, I was very nauseated which they treated me for really well. But I was and am still getting episodes where I am very light headed, my Blood pressure is normal now because my PCP put me back on Metoprolol 25mg twice per day last night, in her office we were talking and out of the blue my heart rate started to go really fast I became really clammy, it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. After about 7 minutes it went down to a more normal rate, but this has been happening for a few weeks now but I felt yet again my PCP wasn't listening to me, she does now. My PCP has finally apologized to me about making me feel she did not believe me with the way My
headache specialist has been doing not much for me and leaving my Neurologist to pickup the pieces, by admitting me into the hospital for the treatment I so need for the Migraines. I was told she kept hoping he would come up with a plan or something, because it was out of her control because he was the specialist on Migraines. She also apologized to me about her saying to me that I have to listen to him because he is the expert not her this used to drive me nuts and caused so much frustration. When I asked her why has she let things go on for so long when I kept shouting about this doctor for over a year, what I saw in the first few months of starting with him, she said she had to give him time to try and help me. Does this make anyone else so mad and frustrated that they could leave a patient in so much pain for so long without much help?
I also told her I was looking for another PCP because I felt so strongly about her not giving me the right support I needed, she said she would work with me and try and hear me more clearly and thanked me for speaking up to her. But I guess we shall see how things pan out, over the next few months.
When you guys have the time to answer this comment, it would be nice to know what your thoughts were on this. Thanks Liz.