I started my period on July 1st, which was a Sunday and also my first day of having xulane. A couple of days went by and I’ve noticed I’m nauseous all of the time and I’m also very sad and moody. After the next Sunday I change my patch again, when I wake up Monday morning I have the WORST abdominal pain and nausea then I started vomiting all day long, I new it was the patch and I was so angry I just took it off and made my doctors appointment becuase I can’t handle this. Okay here comes my problem, my period ended on the 4th of July, and now another period started July 11th and I’m bleeding ALOT. Way more than I usually do. And I have so much pain. I called my doctor to get some answers and unfortunately there on lunch break for the next hour and I need answers now! If anyone knows please help me