Let me start with I am 35 yrs old, never been pregnant and I have been having lots of problems with my cycles and also problems getting pregnant. I have had some issues with pain, etc. I've been told by my OB after I had laproscopy that I have endometriosis and adenomyosis. I used to never have any issues then Jan. 2008 started with me not having a cycle but every 60 days, then they got back to somewhat normal around July 2008, then in Jan. 2009, I didn't have a cycle at all... I just knew I was pregnant... but I wasn't... so I didn't have a cycle at all until April 2009, then it was terrible, I bleed so heavy and with lots of blood clots for about 7 days, when I'm used to have a 3-5 day period that starts kinda heavy then lighter. I have started spotting after sex with my husband as well. Then in July I had a period for 13 days straight... terrible bleeding and clots, then stopped with only a little spotting for about 4 days and then started again and have now been bleeding extremely heavy and clots for 14 days. My OB is out on maternity leave, I don't know what I can do or what might be going on... I'm looking for any suggestions. I'm trying to get in to see another doctor. The nurse says they may start me on Aygestin, I feel like I need to be examined before they start me on anything. I've also had the dye test in my tubes several months ago and everything was fine... they don't know why I'm not getting pregnant, my husband has had a sperm count twice. PLEASE HELP