For a while now I've felt like my mind is 'off', so to speak. Things that are second nature to people and used to be second nature to me just aren't there anymore. I listen to music and I cant keep up with it or track the beat like I used to. I'm a big football obsessive but I feel like I'm not noticing anything when I watch it now. Like I'm not actually seeing the players kick the ball, y'know? If someone makes a great pass I see it, in literal terms, but I don't actually recognise it as a great pass. It's like I'm detached from being able to evaluate or just notice actions.

What is this that I'm experiencing? My apologies if this is unclear. It's something I find hard to articulate.

I'm already on treatment for depression, anxiety and OCD. None of those are severe - I'm not suicidal or anything like that. Low energy and an inability to enjoy things is my main problem.

Feel free to ask any other questions that may help. Thanks!