I am attending an outpatient program and seeing the Psychiatrist for medications. I have been prescribed Haliperidol, Trazedone, and Vysterol. I was hospitalized a month ago as I had a psychotic break. The hospital evaluated me and took me off Lithium, Prozac, and Klonopin. I am having problems sleeping as this was always a problem for me. Trazedone does not help me to sleep and Vysterol does not help me with anxiety. I am going to tell the Dr. that I want to go back on the Klonopin and would like to be prescribed something for my mood. Common side affects of taking Haliperidol are insomnia, anxiety and irritability. I am experiencing all three. I am anticipating a conflict with the Dr. I was in this program a year ago and she prescribed different medications and now she is just following the evaluation from the hospital. I want to be able to take the medications that I know work for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach the Dr. on my next visit?