Good Morn. Im new to this site and is wondering if anyone can help me with a couple of questions? My name is steve i am on my 4th week of Citalopram ive suffered in silence with Anxiety since i was 15 years old im now 39. I served in the forces but had Anxiety before that. Ive had my first couple of good days with waves of Anxiety and feelings of fear but its the first time in 4 weeks i have had some relief. Im currently off work which is a worry in itself as i dont want to go back with these feelings as im a manager and have to deal with employees all day. I wake up with morning Anxiety it seems to pass sooner than it did in the beginning.But its still horrible especially thinking im due to go back to work next week is this normal in week 4? Also Sunday i was really panicy and scared on and off all day. it worries me that i was 3 weeks into medication and still having these fears but i have read that it can take longer to get the balance with anxiety than depression does any one know if this is true i read that it can take 4 - 6 weeks for anxiety. any help or reasurrance would be much appreciated as i have no 1 to talk to.