I have 2 teen children, 1 grandchild and a boyfriend of 5 years. Old habits sure do set in and I believe I'm being taken advantage of. I was going to a counselor and had phone support but sadly insurance company won't pay the bill.. so is forcing a change.. anyway back to my topic.
My children basically has seen him being ugly toward me and I see daily his need to bitch at them. DAILY. My conflict is is it or isn't it?
He has this habit of fussing about what he spends for us.. although I do everything possibly/ he asks done. Cook, clean, take out the trash.. wash laundry. Take out scraps. He knows how much I struggle day to day and yet.. still acts like it all should be done for me. There is no 50/50.
That said he has not incurred any bills.. and seems to like a free ride. Free food, free gas using my car.. I pay for the maintenance. When his microwave went out I brought mine over.. added a cabinet for his tv on my account and he said he would help pay for it.. $150.00 to my $2000.00. Just got it paid for. My bills have have skyrocketed his are still the same.
I'm close to paying off the car I had to buy because he could not repair it but he is a mechanic! My daughters car is getting run down.. I pay the insurance and car payment etc. He said well I will pump the tire up and get a battery but I want to drive it back n forth to work.. adding miles to a already mile high over 100,000. I said no. It's been sitting, I don't know how to handle it. I feel all this looks like he doesn't want to help me without some benefit given to him. Like my car.. now has 90,000+ and growing (he did put tires on) but uses my gas. I feel used. I feel he is out for a free ride and any info for warning signs would be great.
Friends he would do anything for.. I'm at the bottom of the list and about end of my rope. Will update there is way more going on.. like fussing & bitching over who got more