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Why is it a problem to take Gabapentin and Pregabulin together?

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kaismama 2 Mar 2013

They are the same kind of med and side effects accentuated.

MacIntosh12 2 Mar 2013

Hi Charlie,
I agree with kaismama's assessment, they truly are virtually the same, both are anti-seizure meds that work on nerve pain. As she said, you could have hellacious side effects if you took both, unless your doc has you on both? Does he/she?

RN1972 1 Sep 2013

Hello Charlie, I am new to the site and came across your question and wanted to add my info. The other two answers are correct the side effects can be increased dramatically because the two medications are anticonvulsant (antiseizure) medicines that are almost identical but work in different areas of the brain. The side effects for both meds are listed as severe, less severe and rare. So combining the medications can greatly increase the side effects and on of the severe side effects is High Blood Pressure, which can cause blurred vision, heart attack, stroke and other bad things. Another severe side effect is depression so combining these two meds may make you so depressed that you commit suicide. And if all of that was scary enough the worst one and this one severe side effect will kill you. The worst severe side effect is multiple organ failure. What this means is that your liver, kidneys and other organs will fail which will lead to your death. free discount card

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