I need your help. I have been battling yeast infection in my groin area and the out side of my vagina and now the ichy, burning is going up near my belly. This started before memorial day. I went to Urgent Care. They gave me fungal cream & bateria lotion to apply to area. Nothing. A few days after that I had a follow up w/my PCP for another reason. I told him what was going on. He prescribed for me Fluconazole & Nystatin cream. Has not helped. I called the clinic on Sat. My OBGYN was on call. He pres. Fluconazole. I have taken one & in 3 days I take another one. I have had this in years passed and this has always worked for me. Not this time. I'm calling my OBGYN's office in the morning and get myself there. My question, is there a home remedy to help me w/the itching, burning until I get to his office and see what is going on. I'm miserable right now. Any advice, help will be much appreciated. Thank You. The doctor Saturday did ask me to go and get a blood sugar account. He said diabetic's have a hard time getting rid of this. As far as I know, I am not a diabetic. I have had lab work done within the last 6 months and my glucose was ok.