Please help. I was taking pristiq for not quite a full year. I currently did the correct withdrawal method my doctor gave me. I stopped it completely on January 21st 2017. The first week I ended up in the ER with What I thought was a IBS attack. I left there and thought it through and I beleive it has something to do with the pristiq. Anyway, now 17 days later I'm feeling horrible. Not o my have I been living on Zofran for daily nausea. I'm having quick bouts of chills and shaking. (Happens about once a day.) I keep thinking I'm coming down with the flu and I'm not! My body is sore like I did a extensive gym workout and I don't work out! I'm in pain from head to toe.
Here is where I'm actually getting scared. I go through these bouts of I guess you'd call it brain zaps? I don't really know. It's almost as if I'm walking around and my eyes don't connect with my brain and something is off. When this starts to happen (like ALL day today) I feel also very confused and jittery at this time. What is happening? I'm scared. And I have anxiety as it is so you know I am thinking the absolute WORST right now. I am starting to beleive I will be this way for the rest of my life. Please tell me I won't. Is my brain ruined?! I have children to take care of and I can not feel this way much longer. I'm trying to avoid a panicky attack right now just thinking about it. Please help. And yes I spoke with my primary care physician and he told me to "hang in there" but come on! This isn't me!