I only took 4 doese of Pristiq. I stopped the medication 15 days ago. My eyes are still swollen and hurting. The area under my eyes and my cheekbones is the worst. I have been to 2 doctors and they didn't take me seriously. My eye doctor told me to take benadryl. My family doctor said there is nothing he can do. I even called Pfizer and they had no suggestions. I know for a fact that this is from the Pristiq because I have never had symptoms like this before. The eye side effect is a known issue with this drug and it is even listed on the box. the box says some people are at risk for this and you should get preventative treatment if you are at risk. How do you know if you are at risk? What is the treatment? My question is, what can I do to help this? Did the Pristiq cause an infection? Could my body still be reacting to the pill after this long? Please help me, I'm miserable! Thanks!