I am a 23 year old male, suffering from depression. I have really struggled most of my adult life, and sought help about 3 years ago. I had a pretty bad doctor, and he didnt listen to me too well so i lost hope and went of my drugs which were doing nothing for me (Cipramil)
After struggling with it to the point i just couldnt take it i went back to another dr and was given pristiq 50mg. This worked really well other than small side effects at first. However after about 3-4 weeks on the drug i was back to being constantly low and having suicidal thoughts and even harming myself. I went back to the Dr and he upped me to 100mg, which worked well at first (Again with small side effects-Nausia, Minor headaches and bad insomnia)
But now after sticking out 100mg for a couple of months i am having heaps of lows again. I cant cope with minor situations, am snappy and angry, not wanting to work, have no energy and im destroying my marriage. I cant even look after my 3 year old girl for a full day without feeling depressed-which in turn makes me not want to be around her. I am seriously at a point where i am so sick of dealing with this, and i contemplate suicide quite often when im feeling low.

My question is has anybody had to keep returning to the Dr to have your dosage changed? My Dr said it is a possibility that it may take more increasing of the drug, as some patients are on 150-200 mg.
I am really concerned that it will just continue to wear off me.