i had a colonoscopy and a gastroscope on Monday. It was recommended I take my Prestiq with minimal water three hours prior. The surgeon used I.V. sedation and freezing of my throat. Well she could not explain why she used four times the sedation, however, I did not even get relaxed. I asked the surgeon if there was a chance that the Prestiq could have caused this and she said she was not familiar with the drug so she said, it was a possibility. The procedures really were traumatizing because of a bad childhood experience. I have had these tests done before being on this medication and was so out of it, I was fine. Is this a coincidence or could it have been the medication? Let me just say, this drug works for me, but there should be a warning on the insert, if there is a chance that this was the case. Having felt violated again has made me feel very sad and has sort of defeated the purpose of the medication, which I know will be okay after some time. It was very, very upsetting and I wish for some answers if at all possible. Thank you.