Hi! I was diagnosed with BiPolar I in 2007. Since then, Lamictal has been my staple. However, we (my psychiatrist and I) can NOT find a med that works well with Lamictal for me. I've been reading reviews of different meds from other users, and I understand anti-depressants don't go well for BP sometimes. After trying all of these years, I feel like I will never find the right medication to go with Lamictal. It's super frustrating. I used to be a collegiate athlete, and now I don't even want to walk for exercise unless I'm manic. Lately, I've been researching Nuvigil, Pristiq, and Seroquel (even though they are ADs.). Also, I can't can weight gain. I do that too well on my own. Weight loss would be perfect! Any information or personal experiences would be great! Thanks in advance. If anyone has this... which a lot of people do - you know how upsetting it is to try over and over not finding something that changes your life.