I have been taking it in the am with synthroid, welbutrin, vyvanse, sinus medication, tranxene and b12. Been on pristiq for about 8 weeks. Still depressed. Could it be due to mixing it with these medications. I have been gaining weight excessively for about a year since my depression episode started again. Still eating nonstop and cant get a handle on it. What can I do to get better??? I need some help with depression and this massive weight gain and binge eating. I tried taking my synthroid about an hour earlier than the other medication and it may help some. I had done so well for years on 300mg of welbutrin and had a handle on my weight, then this horrible depression came back and so did all the weight I had lost plus about and additional 25 pounds. I also itch a lot. Please give me some good needed advice. I am so tired of being sick inside and eating all the time causing massive weight gain.