... vomiting, shakes, body heat and a general feeling of "whats next" have eased considerably so today is my last day drug free with a change to Lexapro. I'm wondering if I should not have a few days more drug free and see my GP next week to see how I go with a view to staying off them. I will have the back up of the new pill ready to go if the reason my anixioty comes back. What do you think. I suffer from cancer of the lung and also spread into the bones and have chemo treatment every 3 weeks plus my wife has been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and deposits in the chest wall and small signs in her liver, I think that the underlying thing with my anxiety has been the news that she has the same prognosis as me and in a way has sobbed me of my support. I have never delt with this before and have always been in control of my own emotions so after taking cymbalta and pristine for about a month and suffering all the side effects I have to ask is it worth it. Will lexapro be any easier to deal with?? Will they (the side effects) replace my feelings of non worth, don't want to be here, and a general feeling of not being worth anything. I've gone from full time managerial work in two years to sitting in a chair doing not much at all of value. This is a bit of a rant but at least I'm telling people that suffer some of the same problems