I had never had an ED symptoms, the reason for the usage is to relieve the upper body tremors believed to be caused by the side effects of my exposure to Agent Orange during three tours to Vietnam. I have had the tremors since right after my first tour in 1969 but they were very slight, and I was a pilot, and never failed a flight physical. I left the military in 1978, worked as an engineer, and project manager, and thank God for computers because I could mask the tremors which had been increasing more and more as the years past. My first
visit to the VA said the tremors were caused by a B12 deficiency and the only cure was B12 increases, this never did help, so I lived with it till three years ago.

Is there an ED medicine that will counter the effects of the Primidone. I have also been taken off Primidone in the past and put on Clonazepam .5 mg dosage one tablet twice a day, and two at night time. I have also been put on a combination of the Primidone and Clonazepam at the same time, and my tremors are reduced dramatically, but then I have the ED problem???

Is there an answer out there, I have a regular doctor, a VA specialist, and a Neurologist. All trying to work this out?

Any body else have these problems?