My stepson is 10 years old and is diagnosed with ADHD. His birthmother was known to be on some kind of drugs when she gave birth. He has struggled with bedwetting for years now. He still wets his bed at night. We limit liquids, make sure he goes before bed and he still goes through a pull-up and onto his sheets. His doctor has put him on Desmopressin Acetate tablets (one to three if needed at bedtime). The pills didn't seem to help. He still wet the bed. We also struggle with the fact that at times he doesn't seem to care. He would want to drink more and forget to go before bed when he was on the pills... but he always asked for them before bed. We don't want him to think the pills will solve his problem and he doesn't have to work at it at all. Ahhh... we've tried having him wash his own sheets, using alarms, and waking him in the middle of the night... we could wake him twice and he was still having accidents! The doctor tested him for Diabetes and it came back negative. Do we just need to give him more time to grow out of it?