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Why would prilosec be prescribed for someone who does not have heartburn or esophagus issues?

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Txtamtam 31 Jul 2014

You did not mention why you went to the doctor and what your symptoms are, but I did a little research for you :). I used to be a in the healthcare field and have some knowledge. Sometimes, believe it or not anxiety, my brother in law took it for that. But there may be a little bit more going on with you. So I found this for you. This is something that is fairly rare and one of the treatments is Prilosec. "Systemic Mastocytosis" this is a condition caused by the accumulation of mast cells in more than one part of the body. Mast cells contain substances such as histamine that regulate allergic reactions. In systemic mastocytosis, mast cells may build up in the bone marrow, internal organs, or in the skin. This condition is usually diagnosed in adults. Treatment is generally based on a person's symptoms, but it may include antihistamines (to prevent the effect of mast cell histamine. This can rain havoc on your skin and intestines. Tell me a little bit more about your symptoms and I may can help... It just depends on if you are asymptomatic or chronic. Hope this helps! But tell me more and I may can help some :) Tam free discount card

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