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Whats the Price for seroquel?

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WildcatVet 25 Apr 2016

Hi, G*dismyjudge.! Where I live (and prices are much higher than in urban areas.) it would cost about $180 for a 30 day supply of 200mg tabs.
That's without insurance, but the price will vary considerably depending on the dosage and where you live.
You can go to rxpricequotes or GoodRx for a price comparison in your area. Be sure to look at Walmart, CVS, etc., as they tend to be a little less expensive.
Good luck and best wishes to you. Feel free to post anytime you have a question or concern, Wildcat

chuck1957 25 Apr 2016

godismyjudge; AS always Wildcatvet is 100% right with prescription and lots of other things there is no set price unless you have Insurance then you just pay whatever the co-pay is. And many stores if you don't have Insurance have a discount card that well help some but the cost all comes down to that store's price. You can always try and call around and ask the price for the prescription HAVE THE QUANTITY AND MILLIGRAM READY also at the top of the front page of your profile there is a gray search bar Type in the name of the drug and on the drop down screen many of these drug companies do offer help for some medications see if the offer any patient assistance or coupons you can print. Please try to call some smaller stores too and don't fall for we give you 10% or whatever off. What many people don't understand whatever percent they are giving off is of their price and if you can buy it cheaper somewhere without a discount than this is not a bargain at all Hope this helps some but you have several options here and remember if you do have Insurance make sure whatever pharmacy you go to is an approved member pharmacy of your Insurance company. Have a great day

WildcatVet 25 Apr 2016

Good info, Chuck!

chuck1957 26 Apr 2016

Wildcatvet; as always thanks for all your help I don't mean to be a bother but these side effects from the chemo and now I'm on some chemo pills are driving me nuts so thanks as always for helping me out. I don't know how to put websites on here every time I do my answer is sent to the administrator lol Just my luck so thanks for putting it down. Do you know where I can read how to put a website on here without getting tos? Thanks again my dear friend from afar.

WildcatVet 26 Apr 2016

Chuck, don't ask me why but we can post hot links on this site. If you type an address and include .com, for instance, it gets kicked upstairs. Very frustrating as all you can do is type *goodRx* or whatever and hope the person adds the .com or Googles it.
Thanks for the compliments my dear friend! I think it's marvelous what YOU manage to accomplish despite your health problems. Keep up the great work you do ~ it's inspiring to us all.

chuck1957 26 Apr 2016

Thanks so much I guess I can add that to the problems with this site I can't always hit comment and reply to someone can't get the okay for friends and all the ones I do have I can't send them a private message, I can't PM anyone and the thumbs up my number goes up but I very rarely get points but don't really care about that I do this because I enjoy helping others. But I have had several communications with them and they say they don't have any problems yet I see others complain too. They told me at one time to try it on another computer which i did and same thing I get friend request and had about 70 but when I would click okay it flashes back to my screen. Now in my file I was keeping all these friend request in last week it cleared them all and alot of importaint things I had in there I did not know there was a time limit and the computer clears them out as junk. okay enough for the day it just upsets me. Thinking of going to one of my Pharmacy sites and work off there they seem to not want me here. Chuck. free discount card

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