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Why has the price of my Axiron prescription tripled?

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chuck1957 15 Oct 2015

bwsel1939; GOOD QUESTION DID YOU ASK THE PHARMACY WHERE YOU GET IT TO MAKE SURE NO MISTAKE there is no set prices on prescription medication Call around and get prices from other stores after you talk to your pharmacist.Did your Insurance run out and your paying full price now. There is to many if's on prices the drug company can change the price anytime they want and they do this if there is no generic out.
Call your pharmacy first and give them the chance to explain what they know and if that is correct Call other pharmacies in your area and get price quotes any pharmacy can charge what they want there is no set prices.unless you are using a discount card,Or INSURANCE CARD.have a good day.hope this helps some.

bwsel1939 15 Oct 2015

Not really an acceptable answer. My Medicare Part D provider, and a local pharmacy both said their prices increased. Guess Lilly is the only one with the answer.

chuck1957 15 Oct 2015

bwsel of course your upset with the price increase but i don't see anything wrong with my answer it is just what happend and there should be a law on these drug companies just raising there prices whenever they what to make them richer we are all at there mercy and that is not right they are just money hungry and try to get all they can.And the worst part is use on medicare D it uses up more of out limited money to help us get through the year Sorry if im not on the same page as you. free discount card

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