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Prevpac - does hp make your breath smell the bowel and does it go away after treatment and how long?

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Inactive 14 Jul 2012

Hi anonymous 28, sorry no one has answered your question as of yet. If I understand your question you are asking if having hpylori can cause foul breathe? Yes, I believe it could, & you have probably already had the anitbiotic treatment for this by now & no longer suffer from this. If you are still having a problem then I would check in with your dentist as most foul orders come from the mouth. flossing being the main mean machine. food gets caught in between the teeth & starts to decay. Brushing alone cannot get these particles out. I would suggest if you are still having this problem, & have been successfully treated for the h-pylorie, then a dentist would be your next stop. Good luck & best wishes... free discount card

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