I have been with my o/h for coming up to 3 years and about 6 months after first having sex with him i suffered from my first ever UTI. Since then I have lost count of the amount I have had. I now have serious anxiety about having sex in fear that I might end up with one as they are so painful and due to working shifts It can sometimes be days before I get an opportunity to see my doctor and get my hands on some antibiotics. I have had my water samples send off to pathology multiple times and there’s has been nothing significant come back to determine what is causing them. I am at my wits end it’s having an effect on my relationship and I am desperate to find something that will help prevent them and get back to having a regular healthy sex life. Iv tried urinating before and after sex, cleaning before and after, the way I wipe after urination, always making sure I’m lubricated enough before intercourse. Without going into too much detail I would consider my vagina to be on the tighter side and my partner is quite big is that something that could be causing the infections? If so is sex always going to result in a UTI? I had sex for the first time in over a month last night and already I’m in pain with the most recent UTI! Please help!