I have just undergone a urethrotomy of two short strictures. I have for the last five days been clear of the catheter and bag, but after each pee, I have have a small leakage of blood, which is soiling my underwear. This happened three years ago with the same operation, and from memory I bled (again only slightly) for at least a month. As I am seeking to avoid infection, my wife suggested to keep myself hygenic and to avoid infection that I use a pantyliner, as using an incontinence pad is a vast overkill, bulky and more costly. I refused stating to her that the pantyliner is too narrow. Although my boxers have an opening at the front in the position where I would place a pantyliner, I could use men's trunk briefs (with no fly opening), which are similar to women's briefs. She countered the narrow issue by saying that the night-time sanitary napkins/panty liners are much wider, and have a extra wider part which goes at the front of the underwear in the position where my staining appears. She also suggested for the short period I am leaking blood, that I wear her panties, to save buying new underwear (which will fit as she made me try them on!). I am reluctant to do this (It seems very girly to my male pride) What does anyone think? I am concerned mainly with the pantyliner aspect.

Decker Carter.