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Is the prescription of l-methylfolate the same as the herbal supplement of l-methylfolate?

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Inactive 10 Nov 2014

No..if you are refering to Deplin or any prescription of L-Methylfalate, you will not find an equivalent dosage for the otc product. Metabolic Maitanence is the only company I know of that carries pure Pharmacutical grade with the equivalent dosage.

SisterElias 5 Apr 2015

It can be the same. If the OTC version contains either 7 1/2 or 15 milligrams (not micrograms) of l-methyfolate, then it is likely the same. L-methylfolate is very expensive to produce, so you are not likely to see it mixed in with anything else except maybe a helper vitamin. BTW, l-methylfolate is not an herbal preparation. It is the active form of folic acid and the only form that can cross the blood-brain barrier. I use a brand called Methylpro, which I like better than Deplin because it is less expensive and the capsules contain no extra ingredients or additives. free discount card

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