I have suffered from chronic insomnia ever since I had to taper off Seroquel 100 mg 1 x a day ( because it caused my Tardive Dyskinesia to return ) and was put on Lamictal 25mg 1 x a day and Xanax at .50mg 3 times a day; then I had to do a slow taper off of Xanax because it caused hypotension. The taper withdrawal caused even worse insomnia including a serious bout of Restless Leg Syndrome and constipation. I have been completely off Xanax since October 28th of this year but still suffer from chronic insomnia, weird pressure sensations in my head, chronic constipation and nausea. A note: I was diagnosed in May of this year with Chronic Idiopathic Nausea and had a Medtronic ENTERRA Electronic Gastric Stimulation System implanted on the 13th; the nausea started in January 2013 and by the middle of February became severe nausea where I could not eat (when I did I vomited) and had to force myself to drink even water or Gatoraid, which I brought up chronically too. I was completely bedridden from February to May, even after the surgery and then most of June; until the impedance of the ENTERRA reached the level where it controlled 85% of the nausea, I still could not eat and could barely drink anything. I went from 160 lbs in January to 121 lbs in May. Unfortunately, I still have a constant feeling of moderate nausea and symptoms of IBS with constipation, which is being treated with Zofran 4 mg every 8 hours and MiraLAX 1-2 x a day. The Zofran is not really making much difference at all. I know that Lamictal can cause insomnia.