yesterday in my SMALL town, 75 people were busted in an ongoing investigation with help from undercover officers for buying/selling prescription medications. these included hydrocodone, percocet, methadone, morphine, and xanax. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MAKES US WITH CHRONIC PAIN BE LOOKED DOWN ON AS DRUG SEEKERS. these people make it harder for us to get any kind of real relief. i am so saddened by the actions of the peple in my town. i know people are desperate for money these days, but selling your prescriptions is a big NO NO! im outraged and i couldnt keep my self from posting this and letting all of you know whats probably going on in your back yards as well. im praying that somehow, someday, the doctors will be able to distinguish legitament pain from those who are just looking to make a quick buck. im broke as hell but i would sell my tv before i sold my meds! my meds help me get off the couch. my tv just holds me on it longer! thank you for reading... and letting me vent. they are releasing the names of all the people that were arrested in the weekend edition of our newspaper. its a shame what ppl are willing to go to jail for.