I called in my 89 year old mother's Digoxin prescription last week and the pharmacist said that there where no refills. Finally, was told this week that the pills were ready to be picked up. I always check the instructions because I administer her drugs and saw that she was to take one tablet every day. This dosage was double the amount she has been prescribed over the past two years or so, it has always said to take one tablet every other day. I called the pharmacy and they confirmed that was what the doctor ordered. So I spoke with the cardiologist's nurse and she checked with the doctor and was told that the dosage was to remain the same as it had always been... one tablet every other day. Had she started taking the double dosage (a tablet every day), would that have had an adverse effect? Her pharmacist said that Digoxin was not a prescription that you wanted to make a dosage mistake with.