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How can prescribing phenergan with codeine be justified?

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kaismama 15 Oct 2013

What do you mean how can it be justified? Its a very good cough medicine, and sometimes coughs are bad enough to require it.

DzooBaby 16 Oct 2013

Phenergan with codeine is a good med for severe cough. It is an older one

ShanMan72 16 Oct 2013

In EMS, we used to give phenergan w any narcotic. Not only is it an excellent anti-emetic, it would enhance the effect of the narcotic given. The downside is the danger of causing tissue damage if not highly diluted. I always diluted every 12.5 mg with 30ml of saline when administering IV. As far as for cough, it is a antitussive as well as the narcotic its mixed with and, again, decreases the nausea that can be caused by it.

BeYondRepair 16 Oct 2013

I have serious stomach and intestinal problems and deal with nausea and vomiting on a regular basis. Phenergan helps tremendously for that. Codeine, of course, helps with pain. Phenrgan used with Codeine could be to make sure the codeine doesn't make the patient nauseated. Justified?? Certainly. Phenergan has other uses too, making it even more justifiable. Is ther some reason you feel this is wrong?? I'd really be interested in what you have to say. free discount card

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