It helps with degenerative disc disease and arthritis from past industrial injuries, (etc.). I only take 25 mg daily (and even the doctors wonder how that could be enough to work). I expect that it works differently for some individuals than others. Personally I (try) to avoid meds if I can do O.K. without them. (For me) this seems to be (just) enough to take the discomfort edge off so I can feel more able to accomplish tasks, etc. I usually take one or two days off from the drug (a week) to try to clean-out my system and I definitely feel the withdrawal during that time (and makes me quite useless). My question is (basically), is there any evidence that shows that this drug (especially) at such a low dose can do physical harm at prolonged use (to heart, kidneys, etc.) and does it do more harm than good to quit (like this) periodically?