my doctor requires me to come in every month for all my refills where his cma tells me what I need refilled and hands me slips. They never used to do this. They would let me tell them what I needed. But since tramadol was only $2 and I was told that it wasn't a controlled substance, I thought big deal if I waste it or can't take it all. It does say "as needed." They have yet to explain to me the pain contract that I even signed nor has the nurse asked me what meds or otcs that I take. (Pretty half-assed way to administer a random drug test.) Well I took it 6 days before my random drug test and once again got sick on it and I vomited. I tried taking 25 mg three hours prior to the test but don't think it will show. A few months ago, I had his PAC order me an MRI because I thought I had a mini stroke or a seizure from it. When I go in should I just come clean and just tell him that I couldn't handle it and it scared me and show him all the residue in all my refills so he doesn't think I sold them. I don't want to lose my doctor for not being a pill addict but I'm certainly not going to take something that scares me either. He has been my doctor for 14 years with no other problems. Any advice??