and continued having difficulries with double vision and added nausea and a steady minor headache. Upon returning to the doctor, the tolf me the prism was put in the RIGHT lens. WhenI questioned that I was told my LEFT eye was the problem and the lend was to go there... the Doctor told me that it did not matter which I the prism was made for on the new glasses. (?) And, he repeated many tests, 2 - 3 times, and dDID rewrite the prescription and added the LEFT eye. I find it hard to believe that it did not matter which eye got the prism lens... and a huge mistake had been made. He did not charge me for any of these tests (i was in the chair for neatly two hours and had repeated tests), wrote a note to the optician sending the lens in and noted "Doctor Remake", believing medifare & my plsn will not charge me asgsin. This was hust two days ago. I don't know whether to be happy or angry. Was that a big mistake? I am 71 years old and he suspected a TIA as the root of the problem... having happened about 5 years ago since that is when the problem started. I also have SVT and COPD that he was concerned about. Thank You