period that goes like this: 25 mg twice a day morning and afternoon for 3 days, 25mg once a day in the morning for 3 days, 12.5 mg in morning for 3 days then STOP.

I am 22 yo male healthy, had non-allergic reaction 3 days after I finished taking amoxicillin for a tooth extraction that got infected. Was prescribed Solone (prednisone) 3 days ago and the itching started 6 days ago.

I am on the third day of the schedule, so tomorrow I will be taking only one in the morning. I have had my initial dose this morning and I want to know if It would be OK to taper off in 2 day intervals as apposed to 3 day intervals?
and not take tonight's dose and then tomorrow take one 25mg in morning, then half a tab (12.5 mg) for the next two days. The reason this is, is because it is having straight up side affects like lethargy and depression body soreness and so on nothing major but I just want to get better.

The itching has gone and I just don't want to have rebound effects from discontinuation or tapering of to fast.

Yes I know wall of text I'm not to worried just want to stop taking meds and get physical again.. Thanks in advanced.