After two failed clavicle surgeries, a third, very complicated surgery was successful. I was prescribed Norco 10/325 for approx eighteen months and was successfully weaned off. Three years later I have been diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis in L-4, L-5. I have had one rizotomy with no success. I have been prescribed Norco 10/325 again but it is not effective in relieving even moderate pain. I have been taking it for three months now. I have been an athlete my entire life (have played tennis for 50 years along with other sports) but the Norco is no longer effective. Has anyone experienced this? I stretch, ride my bike, yoga, walk, hike but hate this chronic pain. I am only 60 years old and want to remain active but the pain is slowing me down. Why is the Norco no longer working? Thank you for your input. Annie