... replaced with another dr about a year ago. I was under his care for about 25yrs. and wen he left she continued with mycare stating to me she was uncomfortable with the amounts of meds i am prescribed.Making along story more simplified it came down to her dismissaling me,no new dr only a referral to a pain mgmt. who cannot see me for 3 months from now. Meanwhile i no longer am under a drs.care,im no longer prescribed my meds that ive been takin for about 25 yrs.(im taking12 different prescribed meds a day)She did not even taper me down,she has basically sentenced me to death i know theres got to b something i can do to continue recieving my meds while trying to get under a drs care,all my meds state very clearly that they cannot be stopped abruptly they can cause very serious side effects including death, i already have chronic illnesses in which ive been takin meds for... im scared cause im not sure how to successfully take action and im not physically able to take action need help I am in a wheelchair,have severe crippling arthritis throughout entire body and diabetes and im almost certain my body will just shut down with the discontinuing of my meds without slowly reducing them i dont even concieve how this can be allowed